Green, Red, or White: Which Elephant Kratom Is For You?

“What is an elephant kratom” and “Where did the elephant come from?” might be some of the questions that crossed your mind upon hearing the name of this kratom variety. As a matter of fact, no elephants were involved during its production as well as the activities of elephants have nothing to do with where it came from. It is called “elephant kratom” in relation to the “larger-than-average” size of its harvested leaves. It is considered big as it reaches the size of an elephant’s ear.

It is a unique strain that has white veins; a hybrid that contains the properties of green, reds, and whites. Accordingly, a green elephant, a red elephant, and a white elephant kratom not only have different colors in their names but also have unique effects to the body. Each color possesses different benefits.

Green Elephant

The green elephant kratom, in the general sense, is moderately euphoric and highly stimulating. It is likely to give its users an increase in their energy levels and a heightened well-being. Some were able to experience gaining more focus and mental clarity. Its energetic properties are described as non-invasive and “clean,” regardless of its stimulating nature. It also gives a mild pain-relieving effect. And at higher doses (5g+), this type of strain can possibly be nauseating or disorienting. Be extra careful when evaluating the right dosage amount for you, especially when it’s your first time using kratom.

Red Elephant

On the other hand, the red elephant kratom focuses on its painkilling effect followed by a feeling of relaxation after a few minutes when used. At first, an initial energy boost will be felt that will later on stimulate relaxation. It is the strain perfect for activities that require intense concentration. With its relaxing and sedating effects, it can also be used to treat your jitters and insomnia. It is an effective strain with both painkilling and soothing properties, which ironically works well. However, to experience the relaxing and sedative effect of the red elephant faster, a higher dosage must be taken. A lower dosage will result in an extra energy boost instead. It is also advised to consume kratom powder rather than capsules for faster results.

White Elephant

The white elephant kratom stands out on reducing depressive feelings—which make it hard for an individual to focus on serious life matters. The supplement found in this strain enables the brain to relax and not dwell on what causes the stress. Following that shift in focus, the stimulant also enhances brain function which increases one’s productivity level. But if your ultimate goal is to be in a good mood, the right dosage of this strain can possibly give off a happy feeling. Both the powder and the capsule form can deliver mood elevation within few minutes of use. Consequently, its excess use can weaken the body and produce severe headaches, which is why it is strongly advised to consult a medical practitioner first to know the correct dosage to be used and to avoid suffering its side effects.

Different kratom colors offer different effects to the body and mind. Which one is your pick? Is it the green, the red, or the white elephant?